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Celebrating March 14, π Day!

Explore Pi Day creations from around the globe and share your own with the #piday, #pipie and #π hashtags.

This Friday, math and pastry enthusiasts around the world celebrate Pi Day, the day when the date (3/14) matches the first three digits of the mathematical constant π (3.14).

Even those with a passing interest in mathematics use today as an excuse to test their baking skills, indulge in the baking prowess of others and snap some photos and videos along the way.


Blending in with @dejumatos

For more photos and videos from Ju, follow @dejumatos on Instagram.

“I like investigating everything that is human, unstable and ephemeral,” says São Paulo Instagrammer Ju Matos @(dejumatos). “I enjoy being in the kind of moment where you have to breathe in the environment in order to belong.” Ju’s creative portrait series explores the relationship between individuals and their surroundings. Her portraits feature herself and other characters blending into their surroundings either while in motion or lounging. Ju explains, “For me, movement has lots to do with mystery. It tells a story. It asks you the question, ‘What’s next?’ You have to continue the story in your mind. When you put yourself in contact with something, your body blends—be it with nature, art or other people.”

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